Joanna Ference

   I aim to collapse the distinction between the factual and fictitious, and project my own histories and explorations through the lens and onto my subjects. My narratives seek commentary on and representation of glamour by the most ordinary means. With point-blank actuality of that period between girlhood and adulthood, my work addresses issues suitable to an understanding of the construction of femininity.

    I photograph still lifes and figures that are intimate, soft, and feminine. My work is rooted in the close relationships I cultivate with my subjects that yield such private moments. I received my BS in Photography from Drexel University and my work has been chosen for American Photography 30American Photography 31 and highlighted on Feature Shoot.  


  Check out The Districts' album "A Flourish and a Spoil" featuring one of my photographs as the album artwork. 


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2015  A/Symmetrical  Group Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

2015  Real People 2015, Old Courthouse Arts Center, Woodstock, IL

2015  American Photography 31, Selected Photographer

2015  Drexel University Senior Thesis Exhibition, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2015  Onward Compe '15, Project Basho, Philadelphia, PA

2015  Palladium Printing Show, URBN Center, Philadelphia, PA

2014  Western Landscapes Exhibition, URBN Center, Philadelphia, PA

2014  American Photography 30, Selected Photographer

2014  Feature Shoot, Photo of the Day